A Note from Basia about Elegance

Elegance It's God given structure.  Since I was a little girl, my family couldn't quiet put a word on it. My Mother says I was always so different, I walked different, talked different and smelled different haha (in a good way) and was always telling everyone around me to level up! Meaning;To dress better and [...]

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7 Things That I Have Learned in a Decade of Marriage

It's been 10 years since I got married! Whoah ! What a beautiful ride! Is my marriage perfect? Of course NO! But that makes me want to share of a difficult at times, but beautiful chapter of my life.I have learned a lot in the past 10 years, and hopefully I can help someone to [...]

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Basia’s COVID Defense and Ways to BOOST Immunity

1- STAY HOME AND AWAY FROM PEOPLE!  Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, neither I am claiming  those things I am sharing will heal COVID OR PREVENT it in any way. This are supplements, me and my family take daily to take care of, and boost the immune system. Supplements Daily  Zinc Vitamin D3 Black Elderberry [...]

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Mindfulness, the best Life Gift you can give to your child.

We teach our children mathematics, reading, or how to behave, but we don't teach them the most important skill in life- how to be happy, and how to cope with the ''life stress'' whatever that might be for a little child. To me, teaching my son the basic mindfulness principles and waive it in to [...]

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  When my son was just days and weeks old, I came with the conclusion about my own parenting style-very attached one...The attachment parenting has helped me to shape a boy that I could leave with a family member, or a sitter for a wile without ANY drama or cry while leaving! Why? Because my [...]

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A decade ago I have worked as a model and traveled acrossed Europe for about 8 years, and Paris was my home and main hub for that time. Here are the biggest misconceptions about this city and Parisians that I hear all the time! With all my respect to Paris and Parisians there is world [...]

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Becoming Zero Waste Queen!

Caring for others is often more beneficial than is receiving help,We need to interact and intervene with others; we need the give and take;we need to belong. An ideology of extreme personal freedom can be DANGEROUS because it encourages people to leave homes ,jobs, cites, and marriages in search of personal and professional fulfillment, thereby [...]

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The Seven commandments of Age with Grace by Basia

  To me just having a body is a LUXURY. To breath into, to stretch, flow and roll around. The more I invite movement to my body, the better I feel! Age is just a number, and as they say "if you don't use it, you loose it!''. We all know staying fit is the [...]

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