A Note from Basia about Elegance

Elegance It’s God given structure. 

Since I was a little girl, my family couldn’t quiet put a word on it. My Mother says I was always so different, I walked different, talked different and smelled different haha (in a good way) and was always telling everyone around me to level up! Meaning;To dress better and take care of themselves etc… I remember bringing home girls that needed a little help to give them a makeover, just like in the movie ”clueless” that I do have a lot in common with the main character. In any way, the elegance in my case is God given, but who said you can’t learned from God, what you can improve.  

-Never loose your respect for attention. I am a very free woman, meaning I am not afraid to show off my skin, but doing it for attention and not for an art/style will make you lose people respect. You can’t act and dress like Cardi B and expect people to respect you like Princess Diana 😉 

-Authenticy, positive state of mind and your overall vibe! Work on your self-growth every single day! Taking care of yourself is being PRODUCTIVE! 

-Dressing according to ERAS! I ONLY approve of three styles that are the style from the 50’s for its sexy and feminily elegant glam , 70’s for it’s bohemian organic natural girly touch, and early 90’s because I was growing up in that time and for it’s Chanel tweed suits 😉 ! If you watch me carfuly I don’t look up to todays fads, what inspires me is fashion and dressing styles from this three major eras that were brake trough for the fashion world. Dressing according to the epochs will make you look always put together! 

With Love




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