7 Things That I Have Learned in a Decade of Marriage

It’s been 10 years since I got married! Whoah ! What a beautiful ride! Is my marriage perfect? Of course NO! But that makes me want to share of a difficult at times, but beautiful chapter of my life.I have learned a lot in the past 10 years, and hopefully I can help someone to redefine marriage in a positive way, in the era of swipe right, swipe left ūüėČ and ”catch feelings for a little bit, and than end up ignoring each other” a Marriage longer than 5-7 years has became a rarity. So here are the top 7 things, for the occasion of mine ”Diamond” anniversary, that in my opinion are the most important to love and to hold for the eternity!

  1. You Don’t Have to agree on certain topics with your spouse/partner, at all!¬†

Especially if it goes against your values. And the other person MUST be okay with that. You have the right to your opinion. You don’t have to mold yourself to the absolute likeness of your spouse or to Carter to their demands.


2.You are Not ” ONE”- You are really two unique individuals with different paths in life, living as a team.¬†

After getting married we are usually told that we became one with our spouse. I think that THIS Is
one of the biggest misconceptions there ever was! It creates the biggest issues between married people,
because often after the ”romantic period” ends, they are awaking to the true that the other person have ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†different opinions, likes and judgments. They seems to don’t understand that they have an equal say in ¬† ¬†everything and are free to be themselves.

3. Independent Dependence.

While you are not depending on the other person on your wholeness and happiness, you still have the

support when you need it, because those are two different things!

4. Relationships are HARD WORK. 

If someone tells you otherwise, they are wrong!


5. Daily Physical contact/Touch can save your marriage-relationship.

If you had a fight, and no matter how are you mad at each other, if you have establish a daily routine of spending time together, like holding hands while watching the news or back-scratch or a foot rub before the bed time for example. Do touch. Touch is magical and it keeps people together. Touch keeps you intimate.

6. Date nights are a weekly must! 

7. Self love and Boundaries 

Boundaries come from a place of love. Not just love for the other person because we are teaching them how to love us. But also love for our selfs. When we create and preserve our boundaries, we also create and preserve our self-worth. We send the message to ourself and to others that we are worthy of respect and love.


With Love


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