Basia’s COVID Defense and Ways to BOOST Immunity


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, neither I am claiming  those things I am sharing will heal COVID OR PREVENT it in any way. This are supplements, me and my family take daily to take care of, and boost the immune system.

Supplements Daily 

  1. Zinc
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Black Elderberry Fruit- Sambucus nigra
  4. Garlic 18,000 mg
  5. Vitamin C 5000 mg
  6. Calcium
  7. Echnicea Root
  8. Selenium 200mg
  9. Ziacam Nasal Swabs
  10. Magnesium
  11. Fresh sliced Ginger Tea 2- 3 times daily
  12. Probiotics



I encourage you to stay informed and updated by the news, but pay attention to what  you pay attention to. Turn off the news , tune into ME zone, get grounded into your body. I know it’s easy to say with this surreal situation, but we are all in this together. Worry about something you DO have CONTROL over. If you do not control it, surrender, use this opportunity to share love, take care of your body and be POSITIVE! Remember- The media feeds focuses on the worst cases first! Because the ratings are the highest when they raise fear!
Also, stress can compromise your immune system…and we don’t need that right now!!! Meditate.

Get lot’s off sleep !

For that take Magnesium supplements before bed time, and if you have trouble sleeping take   Melantonie.

Breath Work

Serval times a day BREATH DEEPLY into you diaphragm. Inhale air tough your noise and push it into your belly on the back of your noise and through, creating SEA sound like. This is called Ujjayi Breathing in a yogic practice . You can use it any time of the day whenever you remember. Breathing techniques lower the adrenaline in the body, stimulate production of antibodies which result in  boosting the immunity!



If you live close to the nature and have a safe access to deserted outside area, go out, enjoy the sun, bike, play outside, go for a run. If not the Youtube is full of FREE yoga classes and Workouts at home! It is important to stay disciplined!

Eat enough and well rounded meals, plenty of fruits and vegges, protein carbs and FATS ! NO SUGAR ! (I know I know I had the oatmeal cokes the other day but it doesn’t count they were organic home made haha 😉 )


This is a great time to quit drinking and smoking people in order to keep your immune strong ! They both weaken your immune system, as well late nights!

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