A decade ago I have worked as a model and traveled acrossed Europe for about 8 years, and Paris was my home and main hub for that time. Here are the biggest misconceptions about this city and Parisians that I hear all the time! With all my respect to Paris and Parisians there is world wide mistaken beliefs about life in Paris.

1. Parisians dress very avant-garde and chic. 

-False! Parisians are very modest and classic. The main color you will see on the street Is black and grey, and French woman almost never wear high heels during the day. They also wear minimal make up or non, and they sport natural hair. The only fancy dressed people you will see are models on the runway!


2. Paris is a city of love! 

Not true! The city is stressed, rushed and tense. Even though I found my love in Paris, I don’t consider Paris romantic at all! How can you feel the ”amour vibe” when arguing amongst strangers is considered the social norm!? Walking casually on the street you will almost never get a warm glimpse and friendly smile from the locals. To me, the romantic ambiance of a city is Barcelona. But that is for a different story!


3. French People eat very healthy…

Sooooo not true! On every corner there is store like ”Picard” that sells frozen food in a plastic boxes. Woman pick some of it on the way home, and serve to their families after heating it in a plastic containers in a microwaves.  An average person eats a lot of white bread and sugar. The fact that there is not much obesity they owe to the fact that they walk all day long, eat warm soups, and their portions are half smaller than in the US!  VOILA!

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