Becoming Zero Waste Queen!

Caring for others is often more beneficial than is receiving help,We need to interact and intervene with others; we need the give and take;we need to belong. An ideology of extreme personal freedom can be DANGEROUS because it encourages people to leave homes ,jobs, cites, and marriages in search of personal and professional fulfillment, thereby breaking the relationships that were probably their best hope for such fulfillment. The same also applies for caring for our planet. Selfish can be Dangerous too, as People no longer think about the next generation, in order to live comfortable consumer lives, therefore; caring for out planet has became an URGENT matter.

No one can live happily who has regard to himself alone and transforms everything into a question of his own utility. No man, woman or child is an island. We need others to complete us. We are an ultra social species, full of emotions finely tuned for loving , befriending , helping, sharing and otherwise intertwining our lives with others.

I might not have my own compost tank just YET! But everyday and every moment I am trying to be mindful of my choices for the future of my SON and the next generation.

Also, I have made this Blog post because I see EVERY DAY among my friends and people around horrific use of plastic… plastic bags are given away like halloween candy in HEB all the time ;(

1- Reuse everything!

2. Say Always No to Extra wrapping and Bags. Bring your reusable bags.

3. Swap period tampax and pads to reusable silicone period cups.

4. Swap ziplock bags to Stasher silicone reusable bags that you can wash and reuse it!!!

Here is a link to order your Stasher bags!

5. The most obvious and still in use plastic bottles. Invest in water system and drink out of glass! Drinking and eating from plastic is cancerous!

6. Wrapping your food in BeesWax wraps is the most natural healthy way for you and the planet! Here is a link for your BeesWax wraps –


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