My Style after the Breast Implant Explant Surgery

What do we know about beauty? This is definitely something more than the outer shell. It is an internal glow that makes us unique. It is the sparkle in the eyes, the movement of the body and the inner love that blooms in us. Beauty is a special language that makes hearts beats faster. It’s like flowers that attract everything.

I love my scars after my #explant surgery and don’t mind people seeing it! And whenever I see a woman with visible implants I wonder, how is she? Is she sick? Is she hurting and doesn’t know why?

Breast implants explant was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! If it funny how much more confident and beautiful I feel without them! The big part of it is, because I feel healthier, and HEALTH is BEAUTY!

So my style right now is very feminine, light, effortless, colorful and flowery prints 😉

You can draw attention to your legs, make up, hair , waist …. whatever you like in yourself. Big boobs aren’t everything!

1. Go Braless 

With the Implants I rarely went out without the bra. I would draw TOO much attention on my chest! Now, it feels right. Authentic and so much proportional for my body frame. Also small breasts look very chic and European 🙂

2. V-Neck, Deep Decollete!

3. Ruffle up!

Ruffles give very girly and feminine look! So don’t be afraid to SPICE UP your fashion game!

4. Feminine Flower Prints 


5. High Neck and lotssss of CONFIDENCE!

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  1. Lesslee 30th April 2019 at 5:38 am - Reply

    Oh my gosh you’re so inspirational I think about this every single day and I’m ready!

    • byBasiaAdmin 4th May 2019 at 11:01 pm - Reply

      Do it! You won’t regret it a bit! I regret not doing it earlier ! <3

  2. Yvette 2nd May 2019 at 2:25 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is uplifting.

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