We are in Chicago ad list once a year, around the Thanksgiving time, to see the Parade of Lights on Magnificent Mile that opens The Season ! Also I do most of my Christmas shopping there. I am very traditional and Love to do my shopping personally, not that I don’t shop online, it’s just more fun to go to the shops, and touch the things, and try them on! We love Chicago for serval different reasons, like shopping, every shop is in one place , one straight street, Michigan ave.
Another reason is for the culture, museums and good restaurants. Also, Chicago have the biggest Polish population in the United States( I come from Poland for those who don’t know). The city really has European feel to it.

I know that my outfits on this blog post don’t match the title “Chicago on a budget’ but ”Chicago on a Budged wearing high fashion” , ¬†ūüôā ), But this post is more about where to eat and stay, my pics are decoration and a post enhancer ūüôā¬†

Traveling this times can get very expensive.  I am sharing with you a couple of places that I think will make a Chicago trip with kids or without easier and cheaper!


Where to stay:

This can be the most expensive part of your trip. Where to stay without breaking the Bank? So over the years we have discovered the real Gem, our perfect little place, that is SUPER QUIET (I am a very light sleeper). In the heart of Chicago, and within walking distance from Michigan ave. I almost don’t want to share that with anyone, fearing it’s going to become to popular for the price! ¬†Okay- it is Residence inn by Mariot on Walton Pl. You can stay for about 100$ per person a night, and it’s newly renovated …what !??? You are welcome! Did I mention it has ¬†kitchen?

However this time we did not stay at this location as we got very good deal at Woldorf Astoria, on same street that the Residence Inn and Drake hotel.

Ps.I never rent a car while in Chicago, as I move mainly in downtown. And the taxi is cheap going to the museum and theatre.

Where to eat:

Obviously, if you are with the kids it is better to do your own groceries and bring it to the room since it has full kitchen and a big fridge. There is a whole-foods right on the Magnificent mile.
But if you are staying less than a week, and have a very busy schedule than the Bloomingsdale’s at the top floor(I think its on 5th), right on Walton pl where the Residence inn is, have a little restaurant that is never over crowded, you never wait, which can be a life saver when you have a screaming toddler, or are in a rush to see a play. And the food is very fresh and healthy. It is also not pricy. Another pick would be a restaurant at the Neiman Marcus, but it’s a little more expensive. Note, ¬†this two places serve only until ¬†4:40pm.


For Brunch and sit-down breakfast if you want more than a sturbacks I recommend a place also very nearby with a fantastic views Grand Lux Caffe. It’s been there for years.

There are also serval small cafe and lunch/sandwich places inside The Drake hotel on Walton Pl, that are in a basement floor.



For Dinner 

I do not have ”on a budget” recommendations for the dinner, but here is my list of ¬†places I go, if we are not too tired from visiting during the day and want something more sophisticated than catering service to the room.

Ralph Laurent Restaurant

Freds at the Barneys NY

Rosebud steak house right in front of the Mariott Inn.

Enjoy !

Love Basia 

Ps. Bundle up! It’s freezing in there, the wind always blows!

Pictures by Marc Peterson Photography

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