What people think witches do:Ride on broomsticks, conjure demons, raise the dead, hail satan, eat small children, 

What we really do: Drink a bunch of tea, use lavender scented everything, light a massive ton of incense and sage and set off fire alarms, take baths with a bunch of herbs in them, buy tons of candles, hoard crystals and essential oils.

1.Smudging SAGE
It’s an Ancient Ritual practiced in so many cultures and religions. But in Europe our grandmothers were smudging it to purify the air and clear the energetic space, kill bacteria and viruses  – and now science confirms that !  I buy my Sage in Wholefoods market, but I bet you can get it in any of the health stores or online.

  • When Do I Sage:
  • Weekly after my house has been cleaned
  • After and during ilness
  • After an argument with someone
  • After a hard day
  • After visitors leave my house
  • After yoga practice
  • After meditation
  • To cleanse your crystals/jewlery

I sage my body as well -under my feet.

  • How to Sage;
    1-Light the tip of sage bundle or put loose sage leafs in any non- inflammable dish
  • 2-Open as many windows and doors you can for the air circulation
  • 3-you can walk with smudging sage from corner to corner of your room/home
    As you do the ritual you can say any of your favorite mantras. 


2.Add ROSE petals to your TEA!

Roses have such powerful feminine ENERGY. A TEA with some rose petals will UPLIFT your VIBRATIONS! As you can see on my pictures Roses are my favorite flowers in every color!

My favorite tea:

  • Ginger root
  • Lemon slices
  •  Honey
    Chopp the ginger into small pieces, pour boiling water onto it add lemon and honey and THE ROSE PETALS ! Enjoy!


3.Add crystals to your water bottle or write a beautiful notes to place it on your water bottle.

Have you ever heard about Dr.Masaru Emoto’s water experiment? Well he studied the water under the microscope as he was exposing it to different words, both positive and the negative and the results just astounded me! Go to see this short youtube video with the pictures of molecules from the water!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au4qx_l8KEU

So since I saw this experiment I try to put a clean crystal into my bottle water. There are fancy bottle waters on the market for about 70$ with crystal attached to it. You can do it yourself for the price of the small crystal only. Get your favorite crystal, sage it and brush it with soap and water. Than place it inside your water bottle. OHHHH the bottle have to be with the lid and the straw so you won’t choke on it or swallow it 😉 

4.Cutting the cords…

Every time we do make connection with someone, either romantic or we make new friends, that connection leaves a cord between you and that person. If you no longer want them in your head because they were toxic or whatever, having your head cluttered takes the space for the new positive things and people that might happen in your life! 

Sit with your eyes closed, imagine yourself and the person you want the connection to be ”cut”  a BIG PAIR of SCISSORS literally cutting the cord between you two! Do it as much as you need to feel free ! 

5.The Power of Mantras and Affirmations

Off all the people on the planet you talk to YOURSELF more than anyone. Make sure you are saying the right things!

Here is few examples on how to wave some mantras into your busy life: repeat each time 3 times.

  • As you shower or aplly creams and oils onto your body, brush your hear, or standing in front of the mirror. The mantra: I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK AND FEEL. MY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. I don’t care if you think differently and judgmental at the moment. Just keep repeating the mantra! It’s like a MAGIC SPELL. Eventualy it will work!
  • Driving to work or meetings:I CAN DO WHATEVER I PUT MY MIND TO
  • When you are in a difficult situation,stressed , anxious. Just repeat it in your head. I HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW I FEEL, AND I CHOOSE TO FEEL AT PEACE
  •  In general thinking of all negative things and all the ”bad” things that are happening in your life causes your energy to slow down and puts you in a negative state of mind. STAY POSITIVE and always loving <3




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