How I keep my body Cellulite free


Beauty is health and health is beauty.

Almost most woman at one point of their lives have some cellulite. You do not have to be overweight to have cellulite. Very thin woman have it too! After having my son I have noticed beginning of this condition on my thighs ! But guess what, you don’t have to have it! Well balanced body won’t store any fat. Here is what you can do about it.

1.You are what you eat.
After certain time each of your organs regenerate itself. For example your skin takes thirty five days, your stomach five days and your bones take ten years!  Everyday your body makes new cells from the food you eat.You have a choice of what you are made of! I grew up in Europe, never really eat fast-foods and never really enjoyed it. All of my meals were prepared daily by my mom, like in most Polish homes, and now I rase my son based on this principal.Do not eat ANY fried foods. Grill or bake all of your foods preferably without oils… yes no oils. Shows that the process of frying is the culprit of the excess fat storage (cellulite) and also study have shows that frying is very bad for cardiovascular health. So if you want to be healthy, ditch your frying pan, and use your oven instead! Without the oil. Going plant based diet is an option to lose weight, but not for everyone. To make sure if it’s for you, read book ”Eat right for your type” by Dr.Peter J. D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney, where the author explains based on your blood type what diet is best for YOU!  This book is really a must if you want to balance your health!

  • Eat food from God and not from human. That means, eating foods of pure forms that has not been modified in any way or package with conservants. When I go to the grocery store I shop only from the outer edges, next to the walls and never on the middle, where fresh produce and refrigerator is 🙂 So, natural, local not processed food only!
  • Remember, no matter what you do 80% of a success is the food you consume!



If you are constantly stressed your brain sends a signal to your body to store more fat, specially  In the areas like belly and tights. When we were cavemen’s that was very useful, as we didn’t eat sometimes for days in the era of consistent food access, and full fridge, not so much!

Don’t ”kill yourself” with hard workouts. When you workout to hard and to often your body produces a stress hormone called -Cortisol,which creates the vicious cycle as I have explained above. If you get in three hard workouts during the week, and the rest days you do Yoga, Barre or stretching is enough.

Ways to destress:

  • Practice Mindfulness-Meditation
  • Enroll in Yoga class and Meditation class
  • Use Essential Oils like Lavender or Chamomile
  • Implement Diaphragmatic breathing into your daily routine. Some Yoga classes teach Pranayama, which is a technic of breathing truth the Diaphragm (your belly) But I suggest to learn that technic, and breath that way whenever you remember for couple of breaths each day!
  • Sleep minimum eight hours at night!
  • Spent time in the nature, walk on the grass/ground barefoot
  • Make lots of love
  • Acupuncture

Barre is a combination of Yoga+Ballet+Pilates. It is a highly shaping class. If you are not interested in growing your booty that class is not for you! It mainly targets your lower body. You can have ballet dancer body even if you don’t know how to dance!


Its a chamber with very low temperature between -200 and -250.I usually go to do cryo three to two times a week for one months three times a year.
Besides of the wide variety health benefits it has many aesthetic benefits. Not only it burns 600k per session and brown fat faster but it makes me feel ahh so amazing. It boosts your mood if you are depressed or anxious and helps sleep better too! I love Cro! Very important tip, while you go to cryo don’t make any salt baths prior two days at a minimum. The salt tends to stay in the skin for some time, even if you rinsed it, and it can burn your skin while in cryo. Also, make sure before you go to do cryotherapy consult it with your doctor.

5.Add more heavy weights to your training. 

Building more muscles is always a good idea, it can enhance your yoga practice, help you feel more confident, stronger. So if you have been lifting for sometime, don’t be afraid to add some MORE heavy weights ! For woman usually is more difficult to build more muscle weight, but stay consistent and it will come!

6.Stay true to yourself 

I see many people around me that want the results, start the process of selfceare and self love but aren’t consistent. They are stuck in their old ways of living and can’t implement the new ways into their routine. The results won’t come overnight, sometimes it will take many, many years. Keep trying and importantly stay true to yourself. By living healthy and peacefully the beauty will shine from within!

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    Great blog . I love cryotherapy. Also great for joints and any back pain. It speeds up metabolism and helps burn regular old white fat which stores calories. We want lots of mitochondria packed brown cells that helps burn calories and also produces heat for the body. Keep up the great work

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    Great work !!! I really appreciate it …

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    Wonderful advice!

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